100% Kylie News


Kylie Minogue has sent her seal of approval and sent out a tweet to hundreds of thousands of her followers about her personal favourite Kylie impersonator, Lucy Holmes - declaring that Lucy that is the "best Kylie act" ever!

What a coup for Holmes, who over the past 10 years has toured the world in 100% Kylie - Australia’s International Smash Hit Kylie Show, the longest running and most successful Kylie show in the world.This support from Kylie really sets the show above any other Kylie show around.

Lucy has been inundated with Kylie fans all around the world sending Tweets and emails of congratulations!What an incredible milestone in the show's history - support from the woman herself! A huge thank you to Kylie for her encouragement!You can see the Tweet on Kylie's official Twitter page www.twitter.com/kylieminogue... and you might even notice that Kylie is now following Lucy's tweets! www.twitter.com/lucyholmestweet




100% Kylie was recently one of the headline acts for the annual Think Pink Ball held at Melbourne's Crown Casino. Performing early on in the night, the show had the whole Palladium up dancing straight away. Little did we know that two very special people were in the audience, Ron and Carol Minogue. After the show, Ron and Carol came backstage to congratulate the team and let them know how much they enjoyed it. The Minogues, possibly two of the loveliest people you could meet, had thoroughly enjoyed the whole night, which was raising money to help breast cancer patients, through the Cancer Council Victoria. Ron Minogue told Lucy that he thought it was spooky how much she looked like his daughter, and that she 'had Kylie down pat' and could fill in for her if she was ever unable to do a gig! It was a wonderful night for an even more wonderful cause! Visit www.thinkpink.org.au to donate today




100% Kylie recently crossed paths with Kylie and her crew whilst on her Showgirl Homecoming tour here in Australia. Both shows, 100% Kylie and the real Kylie were staying in the same hotel in Perth. It was an odd sight to see both sets of dancers lounging by the pool together! Kylie and her management got wind of 100% Kylie staying there and performing in the hotel at a function that night, so Kylie's manager, the friendly Terry Blamey and some of Kylie's crew came and watched the show that night! Kylie herself sent her very own DVD documentary film crew down to film the 100 % Kylie show for her records! Whether this ends up on her documentary remains to be seen! What an honour to meet her team, and an ever bigger honour that they filmed our entire show! Thanks to TBM.




Lucy had the absolute pleasure of meeting the beautiful and charming Dannii Minogue at a recent show they both performed at, on Channel 9 recently. Dannii, having heard a lot about Lucy and the 100% Kylie show over the years, spent a lot of time chatting to her and giving her advice about what it takes to be a Minogue! Dannii also introduced Lucy to her parents, Ron and Carol Minogue, who were so warm and friendly and suggested Lucy break into Locomotion in the middle of her performance on the night. Dannii was an absolute treasure, and 100% Kylie was so honoured to be able to spend some time with her over a couple of days. Dannii is certainly one of the most beautiful celebrities out there, and also one of the most genuine and warmest! 100% Kylie sends out a ridiculously big thanks to Dannii and the Minogue family for some great memories! Thank you for your support!




100% Kylie recently had the honour of being the face of Tourism Australia in Times Square, Hong Kong. Promoting everything Australian, the show performed twice to thousands of rapt fans who thought Kylie was making an unscheduled appearance in their fine land, after cancelling her shows their recently. It was a wonderful trip, many many thanks to the wonderful team from Tourism Australia Hong Kong branch for making it so much fun! For all our foreign friends reading this, come and visit us in Australia! You'll love it!